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About Us

Serving South-Central Ontario, Julia Bradley Law Office stands as a prominent law firm located in Orangeville, providing a comprehensive range of services, including family law litigation, family law mediation, criminal law, real estate law, small claims matters, wills, tenant protection, as well as notary public and commissioning services.

At Julia Bradley Law Office, our approach to delivering legal services is straightforward. We hold every client in high regard and firmly believe in ensuring a robust defense for all, without exception. Our dedicated team consistently goes the extra mile to safeguard our clients' best interests while upholding their legal rights and responsibilities.

Whether you're navigating challenging situations like divorce, separation, child custody disputes, real estate transactions, or facing allegations such as theft, fraud, or DUI, your initial call should be to us. Our legal team will take the time to understand your circumstances, engage in thorough discussions, and offer practical advice tailored to your situation.

As legal advocates actively championing our clients' rights, we comprehend that encountering legal hurdles often occurs unexpectedly. Hence, we provide emergency services, recognizing the urgency. In many cases, prompt action is crucial. Reach out to us without delay, and we'll guide you through these demanding circumstances.

For comprehensive legal assistance in Orangeville, Collingwood, Angus, and the surrounding South-Central Ontario Region, connect with us today. Our team of fair and empathetic lawyers is ready to assist you.

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